Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mea Culpa

I was just looking through a book I read as a child...called The Big Book of Jewish Humor. I discovered that it included a cartoon of an arch with God booming down about putting off the seems that all those years ago, when I drew mine, I was either directly or indirectly influenced (I'll rely on the She's So Fine defense; thank you George Harrison). I hope that I was original in my Rhesus Pieces drawing...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i'm trapped

I'm writing this from behind enemy lines...I am attending a day of professional development and I somehow wandered into a presentation on introducing mathematical concepts to students. I guess it would make sense to tell you something about myself.
I am no good at math. Sure, I understand why math is important but I find it so impossible that any attempt to learn it makes my eyeballs hurt and my hair bleed.
The guy is going through why certain math definitions are necessary because without them, 1=2, all numbers are equal and infinity is very short. Thing is, I have no problem accepting that 1=2, all numbers are equal and infinity is very short. So here I am, the almost 40 year old, eyes glazing over, feeling pretty stupid and I want to walk out.
He keeps asking "does everyone get it?" And 10 other people laugh and nod their heads because to them, this stuff is not only easy, but also interesting. Horrible, really.