Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Speech titles

I'm thinking of starting up a lecture series, starting with passover (and I'm thinking of these off the cuff)

1. Leaven on A Jet Plane -- Keeping Passover in flight

2. My Four Sons -- Ernie, what does he say?

3. Spill The Wine -- The Art of War

4. A plague on Both your Houses -- The Lamentable tragedy of Egypt

5. The Hag-God-Dah -- puting the divine into Divinner

6. The Egg Kittel -- you are what you wear

7. A Bittersweet Symphony -- Lettuce infotain you

8. Are you Kid-ding me? My two cents

9. Amerlia Bedika -- how precise must our cleaning be?

10. The First Aid Kitniyot -- So you found some chametz on chol hamo'ed?

11. Shirat ha-yum -- how to keep the second days delicious

More as I hit my stride...


  1. yes, I know "Amelia" sans the R. This is why I shouldn't work in the dark. Also, blogger won't let me edit blogs after posting.

  2. Now working on another one
    Parsely, Sages, Roast, Maror and Time --
    The morning the Rabbis stayed in


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