Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm angry

Just stumbled on a TV show about "Platinum Weddings" -- weddings which have a budget of $500,000. That makes me angry. Have a reasonable wedding and solve the problem of world hunger with the balance. No one has the right to spend that kind of money. It should be criminal. Sure, I can appreciate that some people have earned lots of cash and have the right to use it how they will but how can anyone sleep at night knowing that they spent enough money on a one-shot party to pay for food, housing and education for entire families.  I'm no socialist but human nature should drive us towards common sense, not towards selfish stupidity.

And if you stumble on this and happen to be a person who had one of those weddings...

a) for shame

b) can I borrow 10 bucks?

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  1. When people spend money like that, they're not just throwing it away' they're putting it in circulation. Putting money in circulation helps the economy as a whole. It doesn't help starving people in the short term, but it helps the economy in the long term.

    I'm sure that's how they justify it to themselves.


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