Tuesday, August 4, 2009

so here's what I need

I like the Black Berry. I really have gotten used to it and I know the pain of having it be broken. So I know the pain of having to back it up and/or restore it. Pretty gruesome. So here's what i am commissioning (all of you with loads of cash lying around, make this happen and let me know):

I need a remote site which emulates a Berry and can sync with my real berry.

I'll give you three qualities/aspects of the online service:

1. it emulates a berry. Log on from a computer and you see a berry (this exists on the Java development site I think) and you can run all of your berry-based programs from any computer, and any changes you make to your data gets synced with your berry the next time you plug in.

2. it allows for the quivalent of a remote desktop connection when you log in to the website from another berry. I can log in to my school system and run the software and access the files as if i were at my desk. I don't have office installed on this netbook, so I log in and can work with all of my Office software from work. I should be able to do that with my berry -- use someone else's berry to connect and that berry then becomes my berry till I log out.

3. it acts as if a chunk of remote memory is dedicated to taking the exact copy of the memory of my berry including all the data, settings and installed third party apps (which is what allows numbers 1 and 2 to work). therefore, if my berry gets wiped, or i buy a new one, i can restore a complete mirror image with everything already set and installed. only subscriptions that are PIN based would require updating.

this is what I'm looking for. As far as I can tell, it doesn't exist. But the berry is very popular. Make this a service for a nominal fee and, I'd expect, you would clean up. And help out.

so? Get to it.

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