Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Collective Nouns

I have been thinking about collective nouns and how their collective words often seem rather unconnected to the nouns, themselves. The classic is "a murder of crows." I also thought about all the nouns that don't seem to have (as far as I know) specific collective words. So I started a list. Some are sincere, some are silly and some aren't either.

A roll of English teachers
a roster of baseball cards
an exploit of porn films
an eternity of styrofoam cups
a buzz of advice
a glow of lightbulbs
a rumble of luggage
an icon of crosses
a shatter of glasses
a disrepair of bridges
a blasphemy of curses
a gathering of newspapers
a scantron of tests
a slam of doors
a conniving of cheaters
a shudder of caffeine
a postiche of blogs
a pucker of lemons
a hangar of blouses
a tower of cell phones
a flat of paneling
a page of speeches
a heard of ENT's
a knot of ties
a culture of yogurt
a flap of envelopes
a guilt of cookies
a lock of keys
a skosh of jeans
a fish of schools
a shot of cameras

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