Monday, February 22, 2010

Behind every great man

Note of caution -- this idea came to me in a dream and in the blurry minutes while I was trying to fall back to sleep, it continued to seem like a good idea. Now that I am more fully awake, I realize that it isn't so funny but want to put it out there because if someone reads this blog while not fully awake, it might seem very funny.

So the idea is to see what meaning I can attach to a familiar idea by adding in the word "wife's" in the middle. For example take "Schindler's List" and add the phrase. You get "Schindler's Wife's List" which would refer to the to do list around the house "Plant flowers, buy milk, save Jews."

Others can be explained through subtitles. "Whistler's Wife's Mother or Portrait in Argh, I hate that woman."

And in a case of 'sometimes there is such a thing as too much togetherness' we have "Noah's Wife's Ark."

If you think of more, let me know.


  1. how about: Dan Rosen's other wife's blog

  2. i am mostly asleep right now and this was rather hilarious.


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