Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A new Game

I'm working on inventing a new game. Since Hollywood has rejected my ideas for movies, and I have failed at becoming famous for my other offerings (philosophy, poetry etc.) I will try to break into the sport creation industry. I mean, someone thought of strapping wheels to a piece of wood and hurtling down a mountain and called it a sport -- how tough can this be?

So here's my idea and if you are in the sports industry and decide (as well you should) that this is the wave of the future, please just throw some mad cash my way:

The field is a concrete circle with a 100 foot radius. The walls of the playing court are made of clear Plexiglas (TM, no doubt) which surround the court so the players are standing inside a clear, round plastic tube. The "wall" though, while it extends up about 1 feet, does not reach the ground -- it stops three feet before the ground (held up by thin posts).

The players are equipped with paddles shaped like squash racquets but with a surface like a paddle-ball paddle (plain wood). The ball is a SuperBall -- you know, one of those little ones that bounces like crazy.

The point is to hit the ball off a wall and get it to exit the playing area by going under the wall (but it must hit a wall first). It cannot go OVER the wall or the opposing player is awarded a point.

It also might be good if played on motor cycles but I haven't thought that far in advance, yet.

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