Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I fear that I am not-so-slowly losing my mind. I hope that this blog will serve as my own personal "Flowers for Algernon" site where I catalog what I'm thinking and feeling so that science, after I'm but an empty (yet good looking) shell of a man, can learn something about when that thing sets in. I forget its name. Oh, right, senility.

Yesterday something troubling happened -- I misplaced my keys. Many people misplace keys but I'm generally not one of them. My neuroses have served me well, driving me to put my keys back in a particular place. And I really think I did so. But an hour later, they weren't there. I tore the house apart and then my daughter looked in a separate part of the key holder, 5 inches above where I am sure I put them. And they were there. That is troubling enough but in the midst of this, I couldn't find my phone. I hadn't plugged it in and it wasn't any where around. Again, tear the place apart and then a child asks if I looked under some napkins next to where I was sitting the whole time. And guess what -- phone. Under napkins, next to me.

Later that evening, I realize I can't find my old phone (I need to move pictures off of it so I was sure I left it next to the desktop). I still can't. I know when and where I used it yesterday but then there is the blank; I am sure I put it back by the computer but it isn't there. And this morning, I walked into work having left the car head lights on. I have never done that before. Four lapses in 15 hours. This is not good.

Have there ever been things lost? Sure? I once couldn't find my glasses, and it turned out that as I bent over, they fell into a particularly soft pile of laundry so I didn't hear anything. Many years ago, I had ordered some Chinese food and was sure I cleaned it up -- I even had a neighbor come over and give the apartment a once over to help me spot any cleaning yet to be done and she didn't see any garbage left. But a couple of hours later, a bag of leftover Chinese food was sitting in the middle of the room. So this is not unprecedented.

But honestly, I'm worried. I seriously think my brain is turning into Swiss cheese and the world is lactose intolerant.

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  1. Brain Swiss cheese? Maybe you shot yourself twice...


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