Friday, August 30, 2013

In 50 years, people will study this

I do not write this as mockery. I am not trying to demean or in any way reduce the greatness of the original. I write this because it is true and because it highlights the difference between greatness and me.

I too had a dream.

I dreamt that I was clean shaven. I looked at myself for a while and I knew I shouldn't be clean shaven, but I was.

I dreamt that I stayed at a time-share and had to listen to the sales pitch.

I dreamt that people of all colors ran by holding automatic weapons, to go hunting early in the morning.

I dreamt that a man was flying in a personal helicopter and in that dream, that man, he swooped down in that personal helicopter and I thought he was going to crash but he landed in the lake. And he was safe.

I had a dream that the room I was in could be subdivided by expanding walls which were highly flexible so the room could be reset into myriad configurations, and yet each subdivision would still have access to the bathroom. Suddenly, there was no furniture.

Yes, I had a dream in which I chaperoned many students to this time-share village. There were villas on a hill above where I stayed and one would have to drive up a winding road to get to them. And yet, some people just climbed directly up the hill. And the students misbehaved often.

In that dream the edge of the lake was shallow but as I walked through it, it was surprisingly deep and there was no way around it.

And there was some sort of goose or duck or something.

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