Wednesday, June 15, 2016

In which I fix everything

Let’s try to work this through because, honestly, I’m confused. Our current gun control laws are intricate, complex and not always effective. I see why you can't eliminate everything wrong with them, but I want to add in another layer to the application process which might streamline things.

First question is "Question 0."

0. If you want something that someone else has, what do you do?

A. demand it and/or take it (go to Decision A)
B. ask for it or to pay for it, and if not, walk away (go to Question 0')
C. ask for it or offer to pay for it and if not, demand and/or take it (go to Decision A)
D. walk away (go to question 0')

0'. If you have something and someone else wants it, what do you do?

A. respond with force (go to Decision A)
B. anything else (go to Question 1)

1. Do we want a world in which everyone is alike? If your answer is “yes” then I have to ask “why?” With no differences, there is nothing to talk about – nothing to discover. Sure, in a religious sense, everyone being united in a single creed is attractive but even then, we would all see colors in our unique ways, have different academic skills etc. Do you really want a world of identical clones and robots? Then I can’t help you. Go to “Decision A.” If you answer is “no” then move to question 2.

2. Do you see that there are different kinds of differences? If your answer is “no” then how do you survive? A person who likes chocolate to your vanilla preference is as different from you as someone who has a different religious preference? I can’t help you. Go to "Decision A." If your answer is “yes” then move to question 3.

3. Are there differences that threaten your ability to be the person you want to be? If your answer is “no” then we are done here. You live a happy life. Check in with question 4 just to be sure. If you answer is “yes” then we have the potential for a problem, so you had better check with question 4.

4. Do you feel that your side of an issue should be imposed on others? If you answered “no” and answered “no” to question 3 then enjoy your happiness. Go to “Decision B.” If you answered “yes” but answered “no” to question 3 then think about that – you want your ideas to threaten others even though they do not threaten you. Is that right and/or fair? Go to question 5. If you answered “yes” to both questions 3 and 4, then you live in fear of the world and want others to live in that same fear. Is that the kind of world you think is optimal? Go to question 5.

5. Should differences be resolved by discussion and understanding or force? If you got this far, then you think that all differences have to be resolved and not left alone because people are different. But if you said “discussion and understanding” at least you are willing to sit at a table and listen at least as much as you talk. Go to “Decision C.” If you said “force” then go to “Decision A.”

Decision A: No. You don’t get a gun. I don’t care if your psych profile is clean and you have no criminal record. I don’t like your attitude.
Decision B: Sure, you can get a gun. You just don’t want one unless it is a water gun or possibly, one for skeet shooting but you would probably just want to talk to the skeets.
Decision C: Gun, but no bullets. Party on, Garth.

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