Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Things I hate

Here is a beginning of a list of things I hate. Some have annotation and some don't.

1. Conspicuous consumption -- who cares if you got it. Keep it to yourself.
2. A sense of entitlement (on ANY level). You are special, but aren't we all?
Entitlement includes when someone says "do me a favor" and the meaning ends after the word "do." Or if someone asks for a favor but can't accept the answer "no" with the same grace as the answer "yes."
3. Poor driving -- starting with, but not limited to rubber necking
4. Super nanny. Jeez.
5. People who say "you have a blog?" like I wouldn't know what a blog is.
6. Insensitive people who lack empathy and who don't pay attention to their surroundings.
7. Anyone who thinks the definition of an aglet is still trivia.
8. Salad as a meal
9. Being sneezed on
10. Thailand

Any combinations just make matters worse.

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