Thursday, June 26, 2008

More On Facebook (get it?)

and another thing...hasn't this "Facebook" served to cheapen the notion of "Friend"? Some guy I knew in passing, some friend of my parents who pinches my cheeks to often, someone I wouldn't acknowledge on the street is asking me to be my friend. Now, not only do I have to remember what my conection was and open myself up to all the fringe lunatics who are orbiting this fringe lunatic, but I have to entertain and amuse and be a good host. Friendship is earned and there should be the right, through some kind of offensive and possibly arbitrary point system, to start acquaintances, or distant memories at the appropriate level and then move them up as they earn their position. i should be able to say "no" to someone's friend request without getting a horrible sense of guilt. I shouldn't have to ask anyone else "who is this person who has sent me a friend request" -- there should be an application: 'Tell me why i liked you then and should care now, in 75 words or fewer.'

We'll have celebrity judges and everything.

My friendship is valuable as is my time.

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