Thursday, July 24, 2008

berry berry good

So I'm blogging from my berry (a phrase destined to be understood as a particularly nasty euphemism within the next five years) and I'd have to say that this whole technology thing might actually catch on. Now when a cop pulls me over I can tell him that I wasn't using my phone, I was pricing out Viagra or updating my status.

The names of the various sites are also being exploited. The wife and some friends were messing with Sitonmyfacebook, but I am thinking more outside of the blogs. My initial thought - someone who is too interested in collaborative writing to be in a relationship -- a "wikisexual" already shows 122 hits on a search.

But what about social networking for religious people with lisps? Faithbook anyone?

Or a place where a rodent can post his info? Micespace...

I want a site where children can catalogue words that start with a particular letter (like Where's Waldo for linguists) - we can start with "Seeanay" and work all the way down to "seeanen"

Say it out loud...I'll wait.

Is there a site with want ads and forums for musicians? Like a

Play at home and post your own worst site ideas and rip off names. Record how nuch dough you shelled out to Apple on ipaid and then explore your S+M side on sites like Flogger and Flogspot.

Fade to blackberry.

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