Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A truth we may have to facebook

So I friended someone else today. Not only did I, through doing that, continue the assault on English by allowing the word "friend" to be used as a verb (as opposed to "befriend") but I, again, called into question the notion of friend. I have wondered about the lack of selectivity on Facebook and now it dawns on me. I have over 100 "friends" and can see all of their little conversations with their friends, and I can connect with them whenever I want. If this trend continues and I firned them and their friends friend me and we're all big fricking community of friends (with apologies to the Quakers) then what is the value of "friend?" Will I need a new category only for "uber-friend"? Will I need some marker to inject into my virtual persona the same separation I have in the real world between "acquaintance" and friend? If everyone is my friend then no one is. I guess...maybe.

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