Saturday, October 31, 2009

piggy back

I'm currently accessing the internet by piggy backing on someone else's wireless network. I think that there is something dishonest -- I mean, there is a proper network all around me but the computer isn't letting me connect to it. So I am not "stealing" access -- I'm more than happy to use a legal alternative but I'm not being given the choice, so I shouldn't be made to feel bad.

So cut it out.

I feel so dirty.

Thing is, I invented this years ago. True fact. A bunch of years ago, I wondered if there was some way for someone who had an account with an ISP to connect to the internet from anywhere. Anywhere was defined as any place with a phone jack -- this was pre-wireless and dsl and such. Instead of having to worry that your local ISP has a contact number in another city, you can call a local number in any city (or an 800 number) and your login system would identify what your service is. I know it isn't precisely the same as piggy backing on someone else's network but the bottom line is that I should be getting something out of this deal.

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