Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making up for lost time

I recently discovered that somehow, Facebook (heretofore called "The Evil Empire") changed certain settings so that my status updates were only visible to my sister. She's nice and all, but I feel that my quips and preferences need to be seen by bigger public. So, as per the recommendation of Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky, I have collected most of my posts from January and February and am posting them here so people can see them. Sure, weeks after the fact, many no longer make sense (some are separated from the Super Bowl and the Grammys and some barely made sense when I first posted them...), and sure, these are in reverse order, but here they are. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and laugh occasionally.


I think that Fat Tuesday gets offended when we call it that. Why can't we focus on its personality? How about "mardi ennuyeux"?

Anyone know how many calories in a raw carrot? I intend not to eat any raw carrots today so i want to know how much weight I'll lose.

By "address problems" the article means "wrestle with the truth that it is impossible to establish clear and consistently applicable norms because teaching and teacher success is dynamic and defies quantifying". I guess "address problems" made for a better headline.

States Address Problems With Teacher Evaluations
States Address Problems With Teacher Evaluations
Officials in states like Tennessee who are testing new teacher evaluation systems required by the Obama administration are struggling with problems philosophical and logistical.

As I suspected, the diet industry is just a front for the math education industry. Now I know why I hate dieting -- because I hate math.

New Weight-Loss Equation: Researchers Determine Key Calorie Cutoff | Weight Loss Tips, How to Lose W
Researchers have determined a new weight-loss equation: cutting 100 calories per day will bring a 10 pound weight loss over three years.

the decision to serve quail instead of venison was a real game changer

Is it true that Reno, Nevada is called "The City of Brothelly Love"?

this guy kept saying that his heroin is better than mine but I think he should just stop talking smack.

some things are worth the weight

bill cunningham's tv show made my remote kill itself.

it is hard to be angry when the house smells like chulent

Jeremy Lin TV Graphic Raises Concerns
MSG Network is facing some serious heat after the New York Knicks TV broadcast partner flashed a tone-deaf graphic of the franchise's Asian-American star.

Interesting note -- Gary Carter entered heaven in an Expos hat.

Popeye always knows you're going to attack him. Forearmed is forewarned.

you can stop worrying -- I found my gloves. And to those of you who weren't worried that I couldn't find my gloves, you suck.

A message to Oprah (all others, please feel free to pass this along to Oprah):

I just saw 4 minutes of your interview with a Chasidic family. It was oh, so adorable. When you decide to show off the other hidden cultures that we Jews have -- for example, I like felafel on my pizza, jump on over to Teaneck. We're all fascinating.

Today, the stairs were out of order: the second one came before the first.
is there such a thing as being illegally blind?

New marketing slogan: Facebook, because why wait till a simcha to embarrass your kids?

I thought it was the Granny Awards tonight. Forget it.

today is present day. What do you have for me?

some things are just coincidental, NOT ironic

calling all electrical/lighting engineers. I have an idea for a lighting fixture but don't know anything about science or lighting. Is there anyone off of whom I can bounce an idea?

Earl Grey tea smells like Wash n Dri's

disappointing fact of the day -- the NFL did NOT go to Jared.
I wanted to write a Happy Birthday to Charles Dickens today but my text took up 14 pages and said nothing.

I was raised on documentaries like Buck Rogers and Space 1999 so I have the authority to say that the future is not living up to expectations.

I was looking to celebrate the parade with a retelling of "The Littlest Giant" by Ren and Stimpy but I can't find the video for just that section online, in English.

I want to get House, the Mentalist, Shaun from Psych and that Finder guy in a room and ask them all to explain what deal is with airline food. I bet they can figure it out.

Traffic's "Empty Pages" reminds me of very early Manchester Sound. I have spoken.

the miracle isn't just that they have found a new way to express their music and visually entertain, but that the song itself is good also!

OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Video
The new music video from OK Go, made in partnership with Chevrolet. OK Go set up over 1000 instruments over two miles of desert outside Los Angeles. A Chevy ...

the spread for today's game is cream cheese.

my life is based on a true story. up to a point.

I wonder if street sweeper drivers and zamboni drivers get along.

I'm from the future. I have seen the Superbowl already and, without ruining it too much, I have to say, "I never would have considered using butter like that!"

TV/Movie combination -- The Greys Anatomy. Liam Neeson fights with a bunch of insane doctors.

I now know what I want for my birthday.

without the internet, we are all just monkeys with wings.

here's a handy hint you won't see elsewhere: if you want to make decaf tea taste a bit more like real tea, and in a pinch of instant decaf coffee. You know why you won't see that elsewhere? Because it is pathetic. Yay, me.

I certainly talk the talk and I am willing to walk the walk, but chalk the chalk? That's where I draw the line.

my development was molded by the big 3 influences: nature, nurture and nachos
the worst kind of jetlag...i spent 9 days in Teaneck and now I'm back in Teaneck.

when I lose something and I have to look for it, I always look in one more place after I find it.

the pro bowl reminds me of pro wrestling.

I just moved over to Timeline. I don't see a huge difference.

4:48? when did CLT get so late?

dateline Disney store - softball T's for $118, sweatshirts for $128 and no shot glasses (as a matter of company policy). This store will never survive.

now looking for Geoffrey Giraffe shot glasses.

at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Times Square, hme of the cold felafel wrap and the square donut with Fruity Pebbles. I'm having a large decaf and a lot of questions.

in hell, as in the Hello, Kitty store in Times Square. Yes, hell.

Test scores COULD be a fabulous way of evaluating teachers...IF we reimagined the tests and the scoring methods. Till then, this article says a mouthful.

Using Test Scores to Evaluate Teachers Is Based on the Wrong Values – SchoolBook
In an opinion post, one of the organizers of the statewide letter from principals protesting New York's Annual Professional Performance Review system writes that for those reformers who believe student testing should weigh heavily in teacher evaluations, "test scores are the bottom line, and these '...

we just had a brief power outage and I can't find my dvd/vcr instruction manual - can someone remind me how to set it to get the clock to keep blinking 12:00 over and over?
I'm ok with stereotypes as long as people remember that stereotypes usually don't apply to most members of any group

The author tried, but he's not so Swift
A Modest Proposal to Save Test Prep
When California Governor Jerry Brown recently called for fewer standardized tests and less time on test preparation, he probably expected to be praised. Instead, his proposal has been greeted with cries of outrage from teachers, administrators, and students.
A Modest Proposal to Save Test Prep

for those of you TIVO-ing the president's speech, I don't want to ruin it for you but apparently, the butler did it, and paid income tax when he was paid for doing it.

If anyone can find me a movie, or even a WAV of the original, I'd be really appreciative. This is adorable but inaccurate and not nearly snarky enough.

peek freans sung by girl
Recorded on December 14, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.

sometimes, I prefer not to be honest with myself. It keeps me guessing.

ah the choices that being up from 4AM I go to the gym extra early, maybe jump over to Dunkin Donuts for a jolt o' caffeine or do I sit here for an hour and half wondering why I can't sleep. Ding ding, answer C wins again.

if I say I want a callback from a doctor, it doesn't mean I want a callback from a receptionist who reports that "the doctor says you have to come in for an appointment; he can't tell what it is over the phone.”
It means I want to describe it to a doctor and have HIM tell me the possibilities and likelihoods so that I can THEN choose to come in if the obvious stuff hasn't been eliminated.

I think that instead of investing in music and voice lessons, I'm just going to lock my child in her room with nothing but Cosmic Thing and lots of sugar and caffeine for a week.

yay Vlasic pickles for making the darkest commercial EVER!

the Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the penna...wait...what? Football? Oh, sorry. Carry on.

there was some British woman on Meet the Press. At first I thought "what right does she have to have an opinion? Didn't we beat those guys all those years ago to keep them from having anything to say?" And then, after a moment I thought "what the hell am I doing watching Meet the Press?"

Just read another article about using IBooks or EBooks or tablets or somesuch in the classroom. Hogwash. Not a single artcile talks about changing the teaching method, just the medium of fact delivery. No change is possible if we remain bound to the superstructure of 150 years ago.

I wanted to take a look at the Heidi Klum divorce papers but the records are Sealed

did you know that Joe Montegna and Joe Montana are not the same guy? I had no idea.

85 degrees and sunny here in Teaneck. All you people who traveled for fair weather, joke's on you. Also, all Teaneck residents who are home this week get a bajillion dollar gift. Ha! Hope your trip to the (place of your visit) was worth it...suckers!

Dr. Pepper is using an old Huey Lewis song and Weight Watchers is using a Lenny Kravitz song?

ah, the classics!

War Games 1983 Full Movie
Brought To You By Kevin Nicholson Productions Follow Kevin on Twitter @KevoNicholson Like us on Facebook

possibly one of the funniest things, ever. Downloaded, watch it and you'll understand why Walter Mitty should be a national icon.

Steven Banks - Home Entertainment Center - Rare! [1989][VHS-SP decent quality].avi
Here it is folks! One of the hardest to find Showtime TV Specials from the 80's. STEVEN BANKS HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER is one of the single most hilarious h...

I just graded some papers in public so it counts.

beginning tomorrow, I will have a new look with an updated interface and a different layout of key features. you will need to adjust my privacy settings and get used to the shifting placement of elements. my color scheme may be affected as well.

I can't believe that we are all so angry with PIPA. Didn't we all, just recently, love her at her sister's wedding?

paula deen just announced that she found out that a diagnosis of type II diabetes is not a death sentence. Nuff said

I will not be participating in the SOAP boycott tomorrow. Feel free to smell me later.

if I had something witty to say, it would be right here. sadly, I have nothing which is why I didn't put anything here.

I don't like roller coasters so I need to make sure that my day is an emotional log flume.

all day long I have been seeing people who might have been someone else. So far, none has been.

lacking sufficient motivation even to procrastinate

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