Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why my VCR blinks 12:00 but the DVR doesn't

It's the same old cliché - the kids are comfy with the technology and the old folks aren't. We call our children to troubleshoot our computers as our parents call us. The generation gap is the technology gap. But we have to wonder "why?"

Is it because children, surrounded by technology during their formative years, are accustomed to technology? Is it about teaching old dogs new tricks? Is it because the human brain is changing and the next generation is somehow wired to be wireless? Is it because hardware manufacturers are making the technology more intuitive and fool proof?

No. It is simply because the younger generation doesn't have to pay for the new technology so youngsters are fearless about pushing all the buttons. Once they get old and have to worry about being able to afford a new device, they'll shy away from spilling apple juice all over it. Their children will have no reluctance and will be the ones who come and say "if you want to make the device do [insert cool and suddenly necessary function here] you have to spill apple juice on it. Here...I'll do it...sheesh you are SO old."

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