Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here's the pitch

I rarely get an idea for a TV show and rarer still is the time when something comes to me in a dream like half sleep and I remember it. But with the half sleep being the norm these days, I stand a statistically significant better chance of remembering.

It is called "One Weak." Dumb title, I know.

Each week the show documents the impending breakup of a romantically involved couple. This is NOT a reality show, but a Hollywood produced piece of fiction, so all sorts of relationships and people are shown. The thing is, Hollywood produces 2 andings and viewers are encouraged to phone/text in votes for whether the couple breaks up. The phoning takes from 30 minutes after the hour to 45 after and then the final 15 reveal what America wants to see happen to this particular couple, slickly produced etc. Note -- this is not a reality show -- both options are scripted, well written and acted. No trick endings, and no surprises. America wants to see them together, they end up together. Separate, fine.

That's what I got. Now start sending me money you crazy fools.

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