Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When I grow up

I want to think about studying cognitive psychology.

I don't want to major in reverse psychology.

I want to hit the people who study abnormal psychology.

Eventually I want to study developmental psychology.

I want to find out why I want to study psychotherapy.

My mother wants me to study psychoanalysis.

I wanna studee child sikolojee.

I want to be a licensed psychologist, but with a fishing license.

I'll need Ritalin to help me study psychopharmacology.


I actually want to be an understudy, just not an actor. I want to understudy at a bistro in the Village. I'll walk through the tables and say "I won't take your order, but if, for some reason, your regular waiter can't take your order, then I'll do it."

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