Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deep Jew Something

I wish that I could quantify those things that really get to me -- to take the visceral and somehow extract the objective criteria and list them. I want to know not just "hat" touches me, but why. That way, I can predict, plan, and even create content which will affect me in that certain way. And maybe, if we could share with each other what truly inspires or gets to us, we could empathize better.

To wit - I was listening to the radio this morning. I do that. It's a thing I do. Don't judge me. A song came on and there was something about this song that really elicited a deep emotional response. I didn't cry or laugh, but I felt something indescribable deep down inside. I know this feeling and I know what songs set it off but I can't explain why or figure out what they all have in common. It isn't the lyrics and I don't think it is the band. Maybe something about the chords, the progressions, the key. I'm not sure. But if you ever see me glaze over when Tom Petty's "She's Just a Woman in Love" or Madonna's "Oh Daddy," "Nafalta Chazak" by Eifo Hayeled or "Comin' Round" by Hoppers13, TMBG's "Ana Ng" or Santana's "Europa" among others comes on, you'll know why.

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