Friday, March 13, 2009

Homage, Props and Credit

So anyway, I was thinking about my previous post, trying to add to the list even though I know that making jokes about irregularity of bowel habits is in extremely poor taste.

I came up with another.

Constiplaystation -- what to do while you wait

But then I got to thinking about this mode of humor -- not the toilet based part of it, but the creation of lists building off of a word. I realize that this is inspired directly by the work of Tim Kazurinsky as Dr. Jack Badofsky.

Tim Kazurinsky ladies and gentleman...let's hear it for him. Welcome to the show Tim.

As you can tell by the picture of the character, Tim through Dr. Jack has inspired me in my manner, dress and humor. So more power to you Mr. kazurinsky, and if you stumble upon this some day, just know I'm Having a Good Time, Wishing you Were Here.

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