Friday, February 18, 2011

Private lives

My neighbors just informed us that they are moving. I can live with that. Then I overheard my neighbor say that he had known about this since last summer. What? That means that he has been walking around for the last 6 months or more with a secret. And a secret that he didn't even tell me!

Crazy, right? I know!

So I started getting offended and I thought "what else don't I know? What else are my friends hiding from me? Divorces? Lottery winnings? CIA jobs?" Man was I mad.

Then it hit me. In my imagination, you are all significantly more interesting than in real life. Even moreso than you could ever actually be. So I now prefer the idea that you all hide stuff, especially if you have nothing to hide. You are so much more fascinating that way.

And don't worry; your secret is safe with me, considering that I'm the one who made it up ;)

And right before shabbos this was
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