Thursday, January 24, 2013

I may not have a life, but this is THE life

Today was a fascinating mix, but none of it particularly bad. I have only a few observations this evening so I won't keep you too long and you can go back to watching reruns of 1980's soap operas.

I got up at a reasonably reasonable time and made my way down to the pool. It was too cold. So I went back up to my room to reconsider my options while I slept. The thing is, when I first felt the weather, it was hot and he wind was calm, so I made it down to the pool full of the excitement which comes from a morning swim sans company. By the time I got to the pool, the wind had kicked up and the sun had hidden itself behind a passing cloud. The temperature had dropped 15 degrees and I was expecting snow. As i left, I saw the sun peek out and the wind die down. I took this as a sign that I needed to sleep more.

I went to the other pols a bit later fully clothed and with no intention of swimming. I was flipping the bird at mother nature and she reciprocated by letting the sun blaze on my balding pate. So while she wasn't looking, I ran up to the room and got changed and came back down. I fooled her and got into the pool before she could realize my deception and whip up a hurricane. So I swam, and eventually jumped out amidst a flurry of towels and cuddled up in a lounge chair with a cup of fresh, hot coffee. I also had a chance to video chat with family in Israel. Think about that in terms of technological advances -- there I was in a lounge chair in Florida, video chatting with people in Israel. As a boy, I recall those once in a blue moon phone calls where we had to watch the clock and get everyone on the phone for a minimum conversation because the per minute charge would break the bank.

I also found that a touch of meclazine made the morning a bit more pleasant.

After the swim, I volunteered to take 3 children to whatever local place I could find for lunch. We wandered down the main drag and found a small cafe which had a 10 minute wait for a questionable menu. Instead we went across the street to the larger and more predictable pizza place. There, I asked for one of everything that was battered and fried, and ate it all. Fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, zucchini coins, fake crab cakes. All of it, delicious. I think that even the iced tea was fried. It was THAT good. I waddled back across the street to buy a black and white cookie and the kids and I worked our way back to the hotel.

I discovered that the wife wanted to make reservations at a lovely grill place. I was still burping up onion rings but who am I to stand in the way of progress. So a short nap later, the adults in our party worked our way back down the main strip to a fancy frill place where we polished off a bottle of wine and a bunch of food. A quick stop at Walgreens on the way back to start our shabbos shopping and then to the hotel for the evening's collapse.

So in sum, I ate too much, I got some sun and swim, and ate too much. Chalk it up in the win column.

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