Saturday, January 26, 2013

Talking 'bout last night

Well, tonight is the final night here in the lap of luxury so I'll have to wrap up my experience so that tomorrow I can spend the entire post thanking god that I survived the flight and cab ride home.

Today was a glorious day. The weather was perfect and I was stuck in my room. Because it was the sabbath and I neither wanted to carry electronic keys nor ask someone to accompany me around, I stayed in my room and read Tom Clancy novels and the newspaper. And I made myself some sammiches. That kept me busy for most of the day so I didn't think of dreading the plane ride until just recently. Yay.

I also kept coughing all day. While I have stopped coughing up stuff tinged with blood, I still do wonder if there is something more serious that maybe I should get reviewed by a medical professional. I thought that the opportunity presented itself this evening when I saw 2 guys in scrubs wandering through the lobby. They walked in, past the desk and towards the elevators. They then walked back and tried to confirm the room number with the front desk. Turns out that they were in the wrong building. They didn't really speed off to wherever it was they were going so I have to wonder if maybe they weren't just really ugly strippers. I'm glad I didn't ask them to listen to my lungs.

While waiting and making small talk with the desk person, my friend and I did see what looked like 4 or five EMT type guys and some security people sprint through the lobby towards the elevator. This didn't seem to faze anyone else. When we asked the desk person what was going on, the response was "there are lots of activities here on a Saturday night." Maybe this was part of some scavenger hunt or something. Crazy people round here. Meanwhile, I have packed, called for the car to be ready in the morning and started to get really nervous. You know that feeling you get when the elevator starts going down -- that sort of floating weightless sense? I had that for 5-10 seconds today while lying in bed and my bed was not in the elevator. I blame Clancy.

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