Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alumn in my Throat

She was mysterious. I later found out that mystery she was wrestling with is “Why am I taking a class that starts so early?” but all I saw was a beautiful, mysterious woman habitually late for English 11A. When we finally, officially met, it wasn't fireworks but laughter; it was shared TV time and Shabbat meals; it was long talks between friends and it didn't become anything more for a while. There was no sweeping off of feet or whirlwinds (romantic or otherwise). There was the marriage of true minds. The compatibility borne of conversations sans romantic subtext. Two friends, busy with our lives, but willing to take the time to share a story or provide a sounding board.

Julie and I found each other because we weren't looking for anyone. There was no pressure because there was no agenda. I like to imagine that that’s how it was with my parents (themselves a Brandeis couple) but who knows. Maybe we stumbled on a formula that others weren't fortunate enough to find. Maybe my parents had their own kind of magic. I try not to think about it…that’s icky.

From the info booth to the radio station, BEMCO to Boris. From unnatural triples to singles to suites. From Sherman to The Snackerie. Julie and I grew together before we knew that we were even doing so. The decision to date was easy because when we finally realized that there was something there, we were already beyond that. There and back. And we’re still there – 20 plus years later, still watching TV together, doing crosswords as a competition and making each other laugh. Sharing our lives on a satellite Brandeis campus we have made for just our family.

And Julie? Still mysterious, still habitually late and she still hates mornings.

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  1. Hey Rabbi,
    Thats really sweet. I am happy for you and your better half. I still don't know how you did it. How are you anyways?


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