Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This morning, I discovered that I lost my cuff link. My left cuff link, though I grant that that label is somewhat arbitrary -- they are effectively interchangeable so for all I know, I lost my right cuff link precisely because I was wearing on the incorrect (i.e. left) cuff.

Since I discovered the loss, I have been wrestling with the sign I want to compose. Here's what I have:

"Lost, one cuff link. Grayish-blue, sort of triangley. It looks like my other cuff link. You know what? Odds are, you aren't going to find more than one cuff link on the ground today, so if you do find one, just assume it is mine and come find me. You already know what I look like."

I'm leaving out the left/right issue because I don't want someone saying that I deserved to lose my cuff link because I put it in the wrong cuff.

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