Monday, April 30, 2012


OK, inspired by Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 and the use of interactive writing projects, I have figured the next big thing in performance art. If you choose to adopt this and make it happen, please send me a million dollars.

So here's the idea. Take 6 people and put them at 6 different computers around the country. Each plays a role in a play, but instead of being on the stage, the play is written to capitalize on their presence on a webcam. The "audience" watches on their own computers, using software (or a website) that allows them to see all 6 cams at the same time. So things like getting up and walking around and speaking from "off camera" and the use of body and facial language replace standard physical interaction. Six characters should be enough to keep things moving and keep the audience shifting from image to image without being overbearing or confusing.

Is this being done? Because if it is, and I just thought of it, those people had better send me retroactive residuals.


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