Sunday, April 1, 2012

Non performance Art

I have a new idea for a show; it combines one of my previous posts about opening a store that has no purpose (go to here and search for "My Newest Idea") and Cage's 4'33". Here's my idea. You buy a ticket for a dollar and go in and take your seat. I come in and sit in a chair on stage. Twenty minutes later, you leave.

That's it.

I sit on stage. Maybe I make a phone call. Maybe I read the paper. Occasionally, I take a nap. Who knows. The point is, I don't do much of anything different from if I happened to be sitting around at home. I'm not acting like I'm doing nothing - I'm doing nothing.

Cage might have been making a point about ambient sound or the definition of music but I'm presenting social critique on reality shows and the intrusiveness of social media. This is the ultimate reality show because most of the time, people are boring and don't do much but not because they are trying not to do anything. Life usually just isn't much more than sitting in a chair. So I might as well make a buck while I'm at it.

As I'm sitting in a chair right now, typing this, the show is already on. You owe me a dollar.

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  1. NP. As I type this response, you now owe me two.

    All the world's a stage, and WE are merely players...


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