Sunday, August 12, 2007

Last Thoughts

First, a pun.

When I went to the soda concession in Disney, the guy anticipated that I wanted my Diet Coke poured into a cup.

It was uncanny.

OK, I got that out of my system.

On the last day of our trip, we opted for a water park -- Typhoon Lagoon, to be exact. I had bought the tickets that had the water park admissions pre-paid and by gum, I intended to use that. The usual pre-events of packing and parking went smoothly and the weather called for "surface of the sun" type heat. The perfect day for a water park.

Well, once we walked from the car to the park, already sweating profusely, we realized thatonce inside, we couldn't shlep the bags of food and our clothes all over the place and, as we had already checked out of the hotel, we had no towels with us. So when I went to change in the locker room, I also rented a "large" locker (by large, they mean more expensive but similarly sized. It is a technical word.) and two towels. I jammed everything into the locker, got changed and went back to buy over-priced floppies for my feet. The camera got left behind in the locker so that it wouldn't get wet so we have few memories of the day.

The major attraction is a HUGE wave pool. You can swim up and get crushed by a wave, or stay near the back and get crushed by a wave. We also got to laze around the park in an inflatable 1-person raft and go on a family rafting trip (45 minute wait in the sun for 30 seconds in the raft). And we kept going back to the wave pool. I got scratched up after being dragged along the bottom, elbowed in the head and swamped by all the waves. It was loads of fun. The kids liked it too. Well, one liked it and one hated it. And during the day, I stood in the pool for a while feeling warmer and warmer.

Eventually, we made it to the airport, got pulled for secondary screening (AGAIN) and had flight delays for 2 hours while Newark airport looked at radar maps and worried about rain which was expected in 7 hours. A plane ride and a taxi later, we were home and have been living here ever since.

Of course, then I realized that my entire upper body had turned a pretty shade of red. The burn started burning and I haven't slept well since.

Pictures will be available when we finish assembling the online album, so we can relive this vacation all the time. Oh great.

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  1. You can swim up and get crushed by a wave, or stay near the back and get crushed by a wave.

    I'm pretty sure that the deeper you go, the safer you are. Because at least then you’re expecting the waves. We nearly drowned numerous times in the wave pool in Dorney while sitting in the section labeled "1 ft." Boy, was that misleading.


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