Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let's talk about regrets, baby

And bad, mistakes, I've made a few.

Well, tonight, I made a doozy. I just pigged out on frozen yogurt. There was really no excuse for it. I can't rationalize it in any way other than "because I'm a fricking idiot." QED and all that.

I'm feeling a bit light headed right now from the carbs and like that and, oh, did I mention, I have a history of pronounced lactose intolerance. Should make for an interesting night. I should probably sleep on the lawn.

I know what you're thinking (with apologies to Thomas Magnum) - according to the sign in the Frozen Yogurt place, frozen yogurt is fine for most people with moderate lactose intolerance. Well, let me just review a few salient points:

1. Most. Not all. And if history has proven anything, it is that I am exceptional only at the most inopportune times.

2. Moderate. This is not moderate.

Now, a note -- I discovered when I started on the path of righteousness we call "Atkins" that my lactose intolerance didn't rear its ugly, well, rear, when I limited carbs. Now, that should be troubling considering that I saw the ingredients on the side of the yogurt container, and they read "Yogurt: Lactose and carbs" but it is important that we put all events into a socio-cultural and historical context. For dinner I had 18 slices of American Cheese.

Yeah...I know. So right now, things are a bit surreal. I think I have to go lie down.

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